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Hello and welcome to Live Green Be Well! My name is Alex and I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer. I specialize in showcasing local organic products and incorporating them into nutritious recipes. For me, eating local is an important first step in living a healthy life. I also take pride in sustainable living. I love growing my own produce in my backyard garden, and many of my recipes showcase ways to incorporate parts of produce which are normally discarded.


The name Live Green Be Well exemplifies my passion for taking care of our bodies not just on a physical level, but on the mental and emotional levels as well. I emphasize the importance of nourishing our bodies with hearty, wholesome ingredients, but not feeling guilty enjoying a satisfying treat once in a while! I encourage others to find the activities that bring them joy so that they can experience true wellness both inside and out.

Supporting Local Agriculture and Cuisine

One Bite at a Time!

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

– Audrey Hepburn

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