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Egg in a Basket ~ Avo-Toast Edition

If you've been following along my IG this week, I'm on an egg and breakfast kick! Easter is right around the corner and it's a time when most people have eggs on their mind. Even if Easter's not your jam, I hope you enjoy a good avocado toast or brunch idea. Normally I am a pretty standard scrambled eggs kinda gal, but today I thought I'd try a fun twist on avocado egg toast by cooking the egg right in the bread. I used thick slices of the whole wheat bread I made in our bread maker this week. Normally I have farm fresh eggs on hand, but with the COVID19 restrictions I haven't been able to get any recently. To cut the hole out, I used a small canning jar to twist out the bread. Then, I put the bread slice in a greased, heated pan and cracked the egg right in the middle. Once it was cooked a bit, I flipped it over to sear the other side. I sprinkled the egg with pepper and turmeric (key word: sprinkled - don't accidentally dump all your turmeric on the egg like I did in the video LOL). Once cooked to my liking, I served with sliced avocado sprinkled with some everything but the bagel sesame seasoning from Trader Joes. Once plated, I added the avocado slices right on top and ate just like a slice of toast. It was so good and easy to whip up! See below for my 30 second tutorial and photos.


  • Egg

  • Bread of choice

  • Half avocado, sliced

  • Olive oil to heat in the pan

  • Seasonings to taste: I used pepper, turmeric, and EBTB seasoning

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